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Manhattan Specialties

Served all day.

Knockwurst or Frankfurter Plate
Two knockwurst or frankfurter boiled or grilled and served with bread, baked beans, sauerkraut, and coleslaw.

Manhattan Deli Platter
(Serves 3-4) Sliced white meat of turkey, salami, corned beef, pepper beef, swiss and American cheese, served with potato salad, coleslaw, fresh vegetables and choice of bread. (Served in dining room only).


Smoked Fish Brunch (Serves 3-4) Sumptuous portions of smoked salmon, whitefish, and sable: served with fresh vegetables, Greek olives, and garnish. Complemented with six bagels and cream cheese, Coleslaw and potato salad. (Served in dining room only).


Hot Fresh Turkey, Brisket Beef, or meatloaf Sandwich
Served open faced with mashed potatoes, gravy and coleslaw.